June 6th and 7th

Chef Reif Othman invited Chef Hadrien to TERO for Vol. 1 of the upcoming Coolab Series.
A cooler version of a chef collab.

An unprecedented culinary collaboration took place as Chef Hadrien of Chez Wam partnered with Chef Reif Othman from TERO (The Experience by Reif Othman), Reif Kushiyaki, and Hoe Lee Kow. Together, they headlined an exclusive 4-hands dinner at TERO’s intimate 12-seater chef’s table, marking the inaugural instalment of “Chef Hadrien’s Coolabs”.

June 6th and 7th were the nights where these two culinary titans whipped up eight mouthwatering courses, four each, showcasing their culinary chops in a fun and collaborative way. The event featured two seatings per day at 6pm and 9pm, presenting guests with an extraordinary eight-course tasting menu curated by the dynamic duo. Each chef contributed with four courses, showcasing their culinary expertise and collaborative spirit. Due to the natural success of the duo, and seats being sold out within the first 3 hours of being published, the team decided to extend the collab to two evenings instead of one. 

“This dinner is all about celebrating culinary creativity and camaraderie,” says Chef Reif Othman. “We’re bringing together the best of our own worlds to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.”

Hadrien echoes this sentiment, stating, “It’s a fusion of flavours, styles, and personalities. Reif and I have known each other for a long time, and it’s great to be back here at TERO for another enjoyable evening, with great food, friends cooking and a whole lot of fun.

This isn’t your average dinner. It’s about two cool chefs bringing their A-game to the table,” says Chef Reif Othman. “We’re all about good vibes, great food, and a damn good time.”

Chef Hadrien Villedieu adds, “We’re mixing it up, creating something fresh and exciting for Dubai’s foodies. It’s all about pushing boundaries and having a blast while doing it.”

Event Details

Available exclusively on the 6th & 7th June, TERO hosted two seatings per day of 12 guests, one at 6pm or 9pm for an 8-course, 4-hands dinner with Chef Reif and Chef Hadrien.

AED 888 per person

For reservations and further inquiries, contact TERO directly at +971 4 255 5142 or